Getting some A muse Studio stamping done!

a muse studio pocket cardI’m working on figuring out how my gallery works, so while I can’t currently upload my images to a wonderful gallery for you to view, right now, I soon will!  In the meantime, I’ll be sharing my stamped creations with you here on the blog side.

This card is so sweet with a different opening.  The pinking edge is the A muse Studio pinking die cut.  The ribbon on the edge can hold the card closed so the pinked edge can be a pocket OR the front of the card can be tucked into the pinked edge to hold it shut.  I just love to make cards with dual purpose, then when I NEED one fast, I’m not messing up my “a muse studio” trying to get a card done in minutes, on my way out the door!  Does that happen to YOU?

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