A muse Studio Stamps Curvy Technique

a muse studio stamps CAS card
What is that little blue thing on the block? Why it’s sticky tack or maybe in your part of the world it’s called adhesive putty?

A muse Studio’s new stamps are great because when they were mounted to wood, they didn’t have any flexibility.  NOW you can simple cling the stamp to the block in any way you want. 

For this card I adhered the stamp to the block with the stem at a curve.  The stem wanted to pop off so I used  a little piece of sticky tack to hold the stem in position.  You don’t need much, if you use too much you might get ink on it and mess up your image, just a little does the trick.
Heres a closer (out of focus) picture, but you can see the placement a little better. 

And the finished product

amuse studio stamps beautiful botanicals and clever girls
ink colors are eucalyptus, blackberry, and amethyst

I will be teaching this card along with two others at the Bridgeport Library on April 13th at 1:00 – 2:30.  Please contact me if you’d like to attend.  I hope to see you there!

A muse Studio Stamps Watercolor Texture Technique

tombow marker watercolor technique

marvelous marigolds SISP010

For years I’ve been in love with coloring solid images with waterbase markers and spritzing them with water.  The result a beautiful blended image that gives the effect of watercolor. A real CAS technique and using A muse Studio Stamps is even easier.

BUT for this card technique, you use waterbase markers but INSTEAD of WATER you spritz it with A muse Studio | Squeaky Clean.  The Squeaky Clean forces the ink to disperse and create a really unique texture when you stamp the image.
There is a little technique when spritzing, you spritz in the air and catch the falling liquid, don’t spritz directly onto the image.

A muse studio stamps, contemporary greetings, meshbackground, vintage labels

This is the front of the card.  The watercolor image is on the inside of the card.

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