a•muse|studio spotlight for April 1-30

Spring is in the air, all the snow has melted here and in Upstate NY, things are just starting to turn a•muse|studio LIME green, and CHERRY red.  The buds are popping there is a little PAPAYA yellow around as the daffodils blossom and the GRAPEFRUIT hyacinths are just popping.  It’s beautiful.  A little more rain will push us over the blossom hump!

This months spotlight is all about spring.  Baby showers, wedding showers, weddings, recycling all the leavings and mulching up the gardens, getting ready for graduations, summer camp and volunteer schedules.  I hope you find these items inspiring and as always, I’m here to help!  (with your stamping that is, I have enough gardening of my own! )

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